Lauren T. Meyer

"An extemporaneous painting practice"
Every Wednesday my dance teacher, Eva, emails me that night's theme for the dance class.  I ruminate about what it means to me, wrap up my workday, pass off family responsibility, and try and get into my studio to do a painting in 60-90 minutes.  I have to trust myself to move quickly because the class starts promptly at 7 pm and my painting will be hung on the wall as part of the evening's Altar design, in the hall where I dance with the Core Connexion community. No time for too much thought, no time for fear, no time for doubt....just a practice to trust the moment and let my paint brush be drawn to a color and then move across the paper.  The closer it gets to 7, the faster I have to go.  My only rule: don't leave any white space.

During the dance I have a chance to step back from the painting and see it in context of the Altar. Afterwards, fellow dancers share with me how the painting speaks to them, and in this dialog is the gift.  Thank you for your attention and interest.