Lauren T. Meyer

Letting Go

A workshop for releasing something that weighs heavily upon you that you know you need to let go of. 

We all have something weighing us down. Sometimes this Weight can accompany us for years, preventing us from being the radiant, connected and self-loving individuals we are. This workshop has been carefully designed to assist you on a conscious process of letting go of what weighs you down. 

In the course of the afternoon, you will be guided through a gentle process of letting go. You will identify this Weight, acknowledge the length of time it has been with you, look at it from different angles, honor it, thank it and gracefully release it. Your unique needs will be at the centre of this process and will be honored. We simply offer guidance that gives you the chance to release this Weight.

You may choose to share it with the group if that is part of your process, but it is not expected. We each have old Weights that drag along with us, making us feel heavy and stagnant; they ask for deep sorrow when considered.  

You will be offered a small spot to make an altar for this Weight: 

First, you will be asked to write and draw about it and place your creations on the altar. You will then be guided through a meditation that will help you look at the Weight from different angles. You will then add, recreate and rearrange your alter based on the new perspectives revealed through meditation. Before releasing, you will be encouraged to acknowledge the weight of it, thank it for what it has illuminated for you and what it has taught you. You now will be able to honor its presence and then from a positive mental space, open your heart, drop into the sorrow of the wound and finally release it. 

We have a small fire pit in the backyard where we will burn small paper items for the final release ceremony

Bring a journal and maybe photos or small items that represent what you want to release (there will also be time for you to make items too.) Vegan snacks will be provided, but also bring what suits you.  Limited to 6 people. $55